Panto Spearhead – Large Panto Spearmen

Panto Spearhead - Large Panto Spearman

I demand confirmation that Large Panto Spearmen drop this item (Panto Spearhead) for the collection. I’ve invested over half of my early access time to this quest. Nothing. I need to hear feedback or see picture evidence. I’ll continue to attempt to farm but now that bots have infested the area even further it just pisses me off.

Other player sell Panto Spearhead = $20 USD

Farm the Large Panto Spearman they should drop it 0.1% of the time.

Pantos used to live at the Geli region from a long time ago and they kept their friendly relationship with humans before they were influenced on Medzio Diena.

I checked online and it looks like this is dropped from the named Large Panto Spearman, in Tenet garden

Panto Spearhead Dropped By Large Panto Spearman and Red Panto Spearman

The Large Panto Spearman spawns in 3 different locations in the Tenet Garden map. The 3 black circles indicate the general location of where they spawn. The red dots indicate where within this black circles I have seen them spawn more frequently.

Hope this piece of info helps you guys out there trying so hard to get the Panto Spearhead for the Tenet Garden collection. As of writing this post, I am currently at rank 1 with 625 Panto Spearman kills and I have yet to see this item–I’ve also seen exactly 2 golden shiny ones that didn’t drop anything.

So far, the items I have gathered from this monster are Panto Sword, Panto Horn, Antlers, and a Superior Staff.

According to most databases, this monster spawns once every 10 minutes, but I have seen 2 consecutive spawns, These 2 spawns randomly appear in one of the three random locations, there are rare cases where they spawn in one district.

Have you had any luck with farming the Large Panto Spearman? Let me know in the comments.