[Guide] Swordsman Squire


Squire Builds

  • Swordsman > Peltasta > Hoplite > Cataphract > Squire C3
    • Stat distribution: High DEX or DEX/CON
  • Swordsman > Peltasta > Hoplite C2 > Squire C3
    • Stat distribution: All-around

We continue with the list of classes that need to be reworked.

The idea behind Squire is a nice one, but it failed on execution. They have taxes applied to their shops, so they are not able to make much money from it anymore.

Base Camp and Refreshment table cannot be used inside cities or dungeons, and even on some open fields. There is also the fact that Party Finder is now a thing (which gives extra experience for using it), so there is less need to pre-make parties for dungeons now. It is not like the buffs from the Squire’s Refreshment Table are required either, or even make any significant difference.

Armor Maintenance still doesn’t do anything useful.

And while Weapon Maintenance still provides a nice bonus to damage at lower levels, it doesn’t have any meaningful impact at higher levels.

Repair is still useful though, but on very rare and limited occasions and it is mostly good for your AFK shop.

Circle 3 is a joke and Penalty Reduction isn’t anything necessary and I could even say it is not useful at higher levels.

The last skill is Arrest, which is simply overshadowed by Corsair’s Iron Hook on PvP, a class which is also able to potentially make more money than Squire, albeit by being active since Squire can do it while being AFK.

I wouldn’t recommend this class for any “main” character. It is mostly for an alt character to leave AFK at town making money from Repair or Weapon Maintenance. Or for role-playing purposes, I guess.


This is for those that want to support their party/friends while dishing out decent amount of DPS and be a bit tanky as well.

If you have any questions you can send me a whisper over at Klaipeda. (My team name is Plaguebringer)

Important Skill Attributes to max out first:
Swashbuckling : Maximum HP
Shield Mastery : Block
Guard : Defense
Plate Mastery : Defense
Stabbing : Evasion

Then of course, all the dps skill attributes.

You can either go Full STR, or 1:1 STR & Con. (I’m currently experimenting with 2 STR:1CON to see if it can still take hits quite well.)

* important update. We need a minimum amount of 30-50 dex so that we won’t miss any hits at higher levels(around 200+) i mean, you can still do Full STR or 1STR:1CON, but there will be times that you will miss. it’ll be a rare event, but it will happen. you can use the bonus points you get from goddesses and quests for this. (What I did was I capped my dex at 50, because I like the occasional crits and dex + your Finestra skill scales really well.)

Strategy when tanking:
Swashbuckling (provoke) & lure into team (let monster stack as much as you can) > let team AoE while you either block/pewpew or kite the enemies.

1H spear and Shield True spartan style.

Plate armor all the way. (Have an extra set of cloth armor though for those pesky magic attack damage mobs. Please do remember that you are not suppose to stand in one place and hold the block key, Jump attack is king.)

Full STR – It’s a breeze PVE wise. You just need to know how to dodge during boss fights and you’ll be ok.

1STR:1CON – Decent DPS with good survivability. add the fact that you know when to not stand on red circles during hard/boss fights and everything will be cheese.

1.Peltasta C1 – I take level 1 Guardian because that’s all you really need at early levels. You can make do with your defenses via equipment.

2. Hoplite C2 – You can play around with some of the skills here. Always max "Pierce" though as this and Stabbing; will be your main DPS. (you can leave Stabbing at either level 8 if you want to take 1 point in Spear Lunge and 1 point in Long Stride for mobility or Level 9 if you don’t feel like taking Long Stride

3. When you reach the Squire job, kindly be informed that armor maintenance is absolute CRAP and is not worth raising. (I personally maxed Repair to help myself out when grinding/farming. Also, Weapon Enhancement will net you so much money. I Guarantee It.)

Circle 1


  • Weapon Maintenance (Level 5)
  • Repair (Level 5)
  • Arrest (Level 4)

Circle 2

  • Weapon Maintenance (Level 10)
  • Repair (Level 10)
  • Base Camp (Level 1~5): You can increase it’s duration by paying Silver, so level 1 would be the better option to go for, but if you want to same some Silver then get it to level 5.
    Each additional level increases the duration of the buffs provided from Refreshment table by 20% (for up to 100% at level 5).
  • Refreshment Table (Level 5)

The available food that you can offer to your party members through Refreshment Table is the next:

Salad: +10% max HP (+2.5% for each additional level)
Sandwich: +10% max SP (+2.5% for each additional level)
Yogurt: HP recovery time decreased by 1 second (-1 second for each additional level)
Soup: SP recovery time decreased by 1 second (-1 second for each additional level)

Circle 3

  • Refreshment Table (Level 10)
  • Weapon Maintenance (Level 10)
  • Repair (Level 10)