Archer C2 -> Quarrel Shooter C3 -> Scout C1 -> Musketeer

Archer-tree of savior

 So, here is my doubt. Although hanging shot doesn’t have synergy with musketeer, it has with QS’s skills. So, I wanna know if is worth it get falconeer instead of maximize swift step getting archer’s cycle 2.

Twin Arrows can work on Running shot only for the movement speed but the animation of Twin Arrows is really slow which makes it not worth it, you would rather use your auto-attacks for single target damage. Getting kneeling shot and maximizing your auto-attack speed is a better choice

Also keep in mind that even though he is fighting low level monster, I believe he’s in a dungeon and dungeons make mobs have 10x more hp but 10x more exp

Here we see the power of Running Shot which increases your attack speed tremendously and able you to run while shooting. I believe this is the only buff that Archers get that increases attack speed besides Kneeling Shot (which is not rly a buff but a stance which won’t let you use any other skills). Also I believe you can attack even faster than the one in the video.

In here she uses Running Shot + Kneeling Shot which makes her autoattacks shoot extremely fast.


  • Fast attacks and mobility (for kiting)
  • Extremly good single target damage


  • Lacks AoE
  • Costly (relies on equips/buffs)


Archer class main stats will be STR and DEX, some CON for survivability. You may consider SPR for some builds that eats a lot of mana for sustainability.

STR – increases physical attack of skills and auto attacks and increase critical attack (not critical rate).

When a point is allocated to STR

  • Minimum/Maximum physical attack is increased by 1.
  • Critical attack is increased by 1.
  • Weight limit is increased by 5.

DEX – increases accuracy, critical rate, and evasion.

When a point is allocated to DEX

  • Accuracy is increased by 1.
  • Critical rate is increased by 1.
  • Evasion is increased by 1.

CON – increases max hp, hp recovery, critical hit resistance, weight limit, and shield block.

When a point is allocated to CON

  • Max HP is increased by 85.
  • HP recovery increased by 1.
  • Increase Critical Hit resistance by 1.
  • Increase Weight Limit by 5.
  • Increase Shield Block by 1.

SPR – increase max SP, SP recovery, block penetration, and magic defense increased.

  • Increase Max SP by 13.
  • Increase SP recovery by 1.
  • Increase block penetration by 1.
  • Increase magic defense by 0.2.

**Straight from the ToS Book Manual, credits to the author.


STR – are for Rogue classes or classes that doesn’t need much critical rating because they can get it from somewhere else. Wugushi skills also doesn’t crit.

DEX – are essential for all builds that needs crit. Evasion is also good for physical attacks but it doesnt do anything for magic attacks.

CON – basically for everyone who are dying too fast. Consider putting some here to survive longer

SPR – very rare but this can be useful for some builds that require a lot of mana. (Mostly for Spammer types like Scout C3 or Fletcher). This can be conpensated by buying high level mana pots created by Alchemits in the market. (might be costly right now (4/12/16) depending on server)

Full STR

Does the most min-max damage.

High STR

Does very good min-max damage with lesser crit chance but higher crit damage.

Hybrid STR/DEX

Does good min-max damage w/ consistent crit damage & rate.

High DEX

Does decent min-max damage w/ very good crit rate but weaker crit damage. High dex builds are good for builds that has high raw output scaling damage from their skills since you don’t really need min-max (such as Split Arrow, Magic Missle, etc).

Full DEX

Has insane critical rates but not very good min-max damage neither critical damage. Same applies for full dex, need high output raw damage skill .

**Consider no more than 100 CON for survivability, 30-80 CON seems reasonable or no CON at all for glass-cannon builds.
**Also only consider no more than 60 SPR if you plan on taking a bit of SPR as I believe that is enough.

Hidden Mechanics

  • Multishot is a hidden AoE skill. With extra AoE ratio through equip you will hit multiple enemies per shot. With circling = unlimited then.
  • Punji stake (semi hidden) can wipe out a group of mobs. As the 50% flung dps, scales with amount of enemies. Circling helps here too. Linking even more.
  • Feint + Barrage shot = 10~ hits (hidden mechanic, not a bug)
  • Capture can capture broomtrap and lots of other skills. If you have two rouges.. you can tandem these and up the count to max 15 traps. But CD is high.
  • Decay = missle bonus damage
  • Claymore hits twice (thought it was 1 hit and 3 line hits … but tested that with oracle. It’s two cone hits. Could be changed)
  • Backstab + Karcha set = 3 times damage from behind (semi hidden)
  • Damage of traps is calculated when they explode/hit. Kneeling will apply to them and other things too.

–Creds to greenfoxy21